Official or co-official languages

Finnish, Swedish

Brief description of linguistic diversity

Sami (Northern Finland) some Russian and Estonian



Current legislative mandates for LIT and certification

No detailed legislation. Projects in progress now (Spring 2013), leading to legislation in time for the implementation of the Directive deadline. In criminal cases, courts supply the interpreter. In civil cases, the parties supply the interpreter.  No central register or official list exist; interpreters known to the court are contacted and used. Each Court keeps its own unofficial list. 

Responsible parties:


Current accrediting bodies

No test in existence for LIT. Being developed and should be completed this year.

Does register exist?

No. Arrangements being made however to meet the requirements of the Directive for a central register.

Who develops certification exams?

Ministry of Education taking lead on development

Who/How many rate performances?

As above


National Board of Education


Test Format:


T & I in one exam?

Language proficiency test including command of legal language, knowledge of legal system test (final format still under development).

Screening exam? Describe.

No data

Test type/format

No data


Domains tested

No data



No data



Website? Dissemination of info about certification

National Board of Education and Ministry of Education to publish on website.


Requirements to sit exam

Not yet set. Working group looking at this at the time, possibly this Spring


Sample questions or practice exam available?

Not yet


Additional qualifications for certification (experience, training, educational level, nationality)

Not established

Cost to candidate/#of locations/ frequency

Some sort of exam fee to be set, probably quite low.

Feedback on exam performance

Not established



Maximum nº of sittings

Not established






Revocation of certification possible?

Not clear yet

If so, for what reasons?


Performance monitored? If so, how?

Not clear yet