Official or co-official languages


Brief description of linguistic diversity

Roma, Hungarian. According to the 2011 census, at least 8 other languages are spoken by more than 15,000 speakers.



Current legislative mandates for LIT and certification

Authorisation is provided by the Ministry of Justice. Access is granted to those who either have a language degree or pass a test set by the Ministry of Culture. Application is made to the Ministry of Justice,

a CAB check is done, and references and fees must be paid. Fiscal ID granted with automatic authorisation. No previous experience required.

Responsible parties:


Current accrediting bodies

Ministry of Justice

Does register exist?

Register is the list of authorised translators/interpreters (no distinction) c 33,000 currently on register.

Who develops certification exams?

Ministry of Culture: Centre for Professional Qualifications in Culture.

2 assessors

Who/How many rate performances?



No collaboration exists. There are professional organisations but they have no authority.


Test Format:


T & I in one exam?

Only translation tested.

Screening exam? Describe.


Test type/format


2 hour translation (both ways)

Domains tested


Many, including legal. Legal domain not mandatory for court work


Score out of 10. Pass mark 7 (



Website? Dissemination of info about certification

Website and handbook


Requirements to sit exam

No. Requirements the same for all languages.


Sample questions or practice exam available?



Additional qualifications for certification (experience, training, educational level, nationality)


Cost to candidate/#of locations/ frequency

Eng/Fr/Ger/Ital/Port/Sp/Russ set regularly. Other languages available on request. (

Feedback on exam performance


Score grievance procedure available


Maximum nº of sittings


Permanent or renewable certification Permanent





Revocation of certification possible?


If so, for what reasons?

Certification /authorisation can be withdrawn in the following situations (according to (Law 281 / 2004 Art. No. 6): the T/I has been convicted through a final decision for an offence committed with intent; for lack of professional skills, as notified in writing by the beneficiary; in the case of court T/I for consistent and unmotivated refusal to offer the services required.

Performance monitored? If so, how?


Fees: 400 RON (~ Euro 90 for ordinary sessions, and 800 RON for extraordinary sessions on the candidate’s request; for tests for other domains than those listed – Arts, Chemistry, Electrical-technical and telecommunication, Philosophy, Religion, Physics, Geography, IT, History, Literature, Medicine and Pharmacy, Sociology and Political Sciences, Law, Agricultural Sciences, Mathematics, Economics, technical) and other languages than those listed a supplementary fee of 200 RON per ordinary sessions and 400 RON for the extraordinary sessions will be paid/

Re-examination of papers following grievance procedure is 50% of the exam fee.

Languages spoken in Romania according to the 2011 (latest) census